Color Me Impressed
The Officially Unofficial Replacements Database

The Replacements Guitar Tabs

Achin' To Be [Don't Tell A Soul]

Alex Chilton [Pleased To Meet Me]

All He Wants To Do Is Fish [...Nothing For All]

All Shook Down [All Shook Down]

Androgynous [Let It Be]

Another Girl, Another Planet

[...NothingFor All]

Answering Machine [Let It Be]

Anywhere's Better Than Here [Don't Tell A Soul]

Asking Me Lies

[Don't Tell A Soul]

Attitude [All Shook Down]

Back To Back [Don't Tell A Soul]

Bastards Of Young [Tim]

Beer For Breakfast [...Nothing For All]

Bent Out Of Shape [All Shook Down]

Birthday Gal [...Nothing For All]

Black Diamond [Let It Be]

Buck Hill [Hootenanny]

Can't Hardly Wait [Pleased To Meet Me]

Careless [Sorry Ma, Forgot...]

Color Me Impressed [Hootenanny]

Cool Water [b-side]

Cruella DeVille [...Nothing For All]

Customer [Sorry Ma, Forgot...]

Darlin' One [Don't Tell A Soul]

Date To Church [...Nothing For All]

Don't Ask Why [Sorry Ma, Forgot...]

Don't Get Married [Hootenany Outtake]

Dope Smokin Moron [Stink]

Dose Of Thunder [Tim]

Election Day [...NothingFor All]

Favorite Thing [Let It Be]

Fuck School [Stink]

Gary's Got A Boner [Let It Be]

Gimme Noise [Stink]

Go [Stink]

God Damn Job [Stink]

Hangin' Downtown [Sorry Ma, Forgot...]

Happy Town [All Shook Down]

Hayday [Hootenanny]

Here Comes A Regular [Tim]

Hold My Life [Tim]

Hootenanny [Hootenanny]

I.O.U. [Pleased To Meet Me]

I Bought A Headache [Sorry Ma, Forgot...]

I Don't Know [Pleased To Meet Me]

I Hate Music [Sorry Ma, Forgot...]

I Will Dare [Let It Be]

I Won't [Don't Tell A Soul]

If Only You Were Lonely [b-side]

I'll Be You [Don't

Tell A Soul]

I'll Buy [Tim]

I'm In Trouble [Sorry Ma, Forgot...]

Johnny's Gonna Die [Sorry Ma, Forgot...]

Jungle Rock [...Nothing For All]

Kick Your Door Down [Sorry Ma, Forgot...]

Kids Don't Follow [Stink]

Kiss Me On The Bus [Tim]

Lay It Down Clown [Tim]

Left Of The Dial [Tim]

Like A Rolling Pin [...Nothing For All]

Little Mascara [Tim]

Love You Till Friday [SorryMa, Forgot...]

Lovelines [Hootenanny]

Merry Go Round [All Shook Down]

Mr. Whirly [Hootenanny]

More Cigarettes [Sorry Ma, Forgot...]

My Little Problem [All Shook Down]

Never Mind [Pleased To Meet Me]

Nightclub Jittes [Pleased To Meet Me]

Nobody [All Shook Down]

One Wink At A Time [All Shook Down]

Otto [Sorry Ma, Forgot...]

Portland [...Nothing For All]

Raised In The City [Sorry Ma, Forgot...]

Rattlesnake [Sorry Ma, Forgot...]

Red Red Wine [Pleased To Meet Me]

Rock 'N' Roll Ghost [Don'tTell A Soul]

Run It [Hootenanny]

Sadly Beautiful [All Shook Down]

Satellite [...Nothing For All]

Seen Your Video [Let It Be]

Shiftless When Idle [SorryMa, Forgot...]

Shooting Dirty Pool [Pleased To Meet Me]

Shut Up [SorryMa, Forgot...]

Sixteen Blue [Let It Be]

Skyway [Pleased To Meet Me]

Someone Take The Wheel [All Shook Down]

Somethin To Du [Sorry Ma, Forgot...]

Stuck In The Middle [Stink]

Swingin Party [Tim]

Take Me Down To The Hospital [Hootenanny]

TakinA Ride [Sorry Ma, Forgot...]

Talent Show [Don't Tell A Soul]

The Last [All Shook Down]

The Ledge [Pleased To Meet Me]

They're Blind

[Don't Tell A Soul]

Till We're Nude [...NothingFor All]

Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out [Let It Be]

Torture [All Shook Down]

Tossin And Turnin' [b-side]

Treatment Bound [Hootenanny]

Twentieth Century Boy [b-side]

Unsatisfied [Let It Be]

Valentine [Pleased To Meet Me]

Waitress In The Sky [Tim]

Wake Up [...NothingFor All]

We Know The Night [...Nothing For All]

We're Coming Out [Let It Be]

We'll Inherit The Earth [Don't Tell A Soul]

When It Began [All Shook Down]

White And Lazy [Stink]

Who Knows [...Nothing For All]

Willpower [Hootenanny]

Within Your Reach [Hootenanny]

You Lose [Hootenanny]