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Paul Westerberg Lyrics by Album

14 Songs



Suicaine Gratifaction



Dead Man Shake

Come Feel Me Tremble


Paul Westerberg Lyrics by Song

$100 Dollar Groom [Folker]

2 Days Till Tomorrow [Mono]

23 Years Ago [Folker]

33rd Of July (Suicaine Gratifaction Japan]

AAA [Mono]

A Few Minutes Of Silence [14 songs]

A Star Is Bored [Melrose Place Soundtrack]

Actor In The Street [Suicaine Gratifaction]

Ain't Got Me [Eventually]

Angels Walk [Eventually]

Anyway's All Right [Folker]

As Far As I Know [Folker]

Baby Learns To Crawl [Stereo]

Bad Boy Blues [Dead Man Shake]

Best Thing That Never Happened [Suicaine Gratifaction]

Between Love And Like [Mono]

Blackeyed Susan [14 songs]

Bookmark [Suicaine Gratifaction]

Boring Enormous [Stereo]

Born For Me [Suicaine Gratifaction]

Breathe Some New Life [Folker]

Call That Gone? [Stereo]

Century [Eventually]

Cleaning House [Dead Man Shake]

Crackle & Drag (original) [Come Feel Me Tremble]

Crackle & Drag (alt.) [Come Feel Me Tremble]

Dead Man Shake [Dead Man Shake]

Dice Behind Your Shades [14 songs]

Dirt To Mud [Stereo]

Dirty Diesel [Come Feel Me Tremble]

Do Right In Your Eyes [Dead Man Shake]

Don't Want Never [Stereo]

Down Love [14 songs]

Dyslexic Heart [Singles Soundtrack/b-side]

Even Here We Are [14 songs]

Everything Goes Wrong [Come Feel Me Tremble DVD]

Eyes Like Sparks [Mono]

Final Hurrah [Suicaine Gratifaction]

First Glimmer [14 songs]

Folk Star [Folker]

Footsteps [Mono]

Fugitive Kind [Suicaine Gratifaction]

Get A Move On [Dead Man Shake]

Good Day [Eventually]

Got You Down [Stereo]

Gun Shy [Folker]

Hide N Seekin' [Eventually]

High Time [Mono]

Hillbilly Junk [Come Feel Me Tremble]

How Can You Like Him? [Folker]

I Want My Money Back [Grandpaboy 7"]

I'll Do Anything [Mono]

I'm So Lonesome [Dead Man Shake]

It's A Wonderful Lie [Suicaine Gratifaction]

Jingle (Buy It) [Folker]

Kickin' The Stall [Mono]

Knock It Right Out [Mono]

Knockin' Em Back [Come Feel Me Tremble]

Knockin' On Mine [14 songs]

Let The Bad Times Roll [Stereo]

Let's Do It [Tank Girl Soundtrack w/Joan Jett]

Let The Bad Times Roll [Stereo]

Let's Do It [Tank Girl Soundtrack w/Joan Jett]

Let's Not Belong [Mono]

Lookin' Out Forever [Suicaine Gratifaction]

Lookin' Up In Heaven [Folker]

Love Untold [Eventually]

Make Your Own Kind Of Music [Eventually Japan]

Making Me Go [Come Feel Me Tremble]

MamaDaddyDid [Eventually]

Mannequin Shop [14 songs]

Men Without Ties [b-side]

Meet Me Down The Alley [Come Feel Me Tremble]

MPLS [Dead Man Shake]

Mr. Rabbit [Stereo]

My Dad [Folker]

My Daydream [Come Feel Me Tremble]

Natural Mean Lover [Dead Man Shake]

Never Felt Like This Before [Come Feel Me Tremble]

No Matter What You Say [Dead Man Shake]

No Place For You [Stereo]

Nothing To No One [Stereo]

Nowhere Man [I Am Sam Soundtrack]

O.D. Blues [Dead Man Shake]

Once Around The Weekend [Eventually]

Only Lie Worth Telling [Stereo]

Outta My Systems [Hot Stove, Cool Music 1]

Pine Box [Come Feel Me Tremble]

Runaway Wind [14 songs]

Seein Her [b-side]

Self-Defense [Suicaine Gratifaction]

Silent Film Star [Mono]

Silver Naked Ladies [14 songs]

Soldier Of Misfortune [Come Feel Me Tremble]

Someone I Once Knew [14 songs]

Something Is Me [14 songs]

Souvenirs [Dead Man Shake]

Stain Yer Blood [Friends Soundtrack]

Sunrise Always Shines [Suicaine Gratifaction]

Sunshine [Friends Soundtrack]

Take Out Some Insurance [Dead Man Shake]

Tears Rolling Up Our Sleeves [Suicaine Gratifaction]

These Are The Days [Eventually]

These Days [Come Feel Me Tremble]

Things [14 songs]

Time Flies Tomorrow [Eventually]

Trumpet Clip [Eventually]

Undone [Grandpaboy 7"]

Vampires & Failures [Dead Man Shake]

Waiting For Somebody [Singles Soundtrack/b-side]

We May Be The Ones [Stereo]

What A Day (For A Night) [Come Feel Me Tremble]

What About Mine? [Folker]

What Kind Of Fool Am I? [Dead Man Shake]

Whatever Makes You Happy [Suicaine Gratifaction]

When Will We Arrive [Folker]

Wild And Lethal [Come Feel Me Tremble]

Wondeful Copenhagen [Eventually Europe release]

World Class Fad [14 songs]

You've Had It With You [Eventually]