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Chris Mars Discography

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

Smash records

Reverse Status
Popular Creeps
Outer Limits
Before It Began
Get Out of My Life
Monkey Sees
Ego Maniac
Midnight Carnival
I, We, Me, Us, Them
Don't You See It
Happy Disconnections
Better Days
City Lights On Mars
Last Drop

Golden Smog - On Golden Smog

December 11, 1992
Crackpot records/re-release Rykodisc

Debut album of covers. Cover art by Chris Mars. Original band members included Minneapolis music alums Chris Mars from the Replaements, Dave Pirner & Dan Murphy from Soul Asylum, Gary Louris & Marc Perlman from The Jayhawks, and Kraig Johnson from Run Westy Run. Pseudonymns were used in the album credits.

Son (We've Kept the Room Just the Way You Left It) - Michaelangelo cover
Easy To Be Hard - Hair cover
Shooting Star - Bad Company cover
Back Street Girl - Rolling Stones cover
Cowboy Song - Thin Lizzy cover

75% less fat

Smash records

Stuck In Rewind
No Bands
Public Opinion
All Figured Out
Whining Horse
Car Camping
Skipping School
Bullshit Detector
Candy Liquor
No More Mud


Bar/None records

White Patty Rap
Forkless Tree
Lizard Brain
Hate It
Brother Song
Water Biscuits
E.I.B. Negative
Haunted Town
Cadaver Dogs
New Day

Anonymous Botch

September 24, 1996
Bar/None records

The Conquering Cow Farmer
Sheep Spine Shimmy
The Down Drag
Black Days
Two Dreams
It's A Long Life
Janet's New Kidney
The Weather
Where and Why
Funeral Hymn of the Small Critter Holocaust
I'll Be Gone